What’s the Cost of Not Going Digital For a Business?

Reduced Productivity Levels

 When it comes work productivity, digital transformation greatly boosts efficiency in the workplace. Studies have shown that work gets accomplished five times faster in a digital environment. As compared to traditional work methods such as pen and paper, the rise of computers and mobile phones allowed substantial growth in a company’s performance given increase in output employees can deliver in a shorter period of time. Moreover, given the vast capabilities of today’s digital technologies, different business processes are condensed into simpler and faster solutions that optimize efficiency. A company that doesn’t adopt digitalization will experience lower work efficiency compared to innovators.

Miscommunication With a High Price Tag

Every year, companies lose $37 billion simply from miscommunication. A business communication app can streamline clear information to specified end users. And with a digital workplace platform like Beekeeper, a confirmation campaign makes sure the recipient has read the message to reduce the chance of miscommunication.

The Cost of the Customer Experience

89% of companies compete based on customer experience alone which is defined by their interaction with a company’s frontline workforce. Educating, informing, and communicating with that team through a business communication app can build customer loyalty. Without it you stand to lose business. Every year companies waste billions of dollars, sacrifice customers and lose workers from the wrong internal communications strategy. So what’s a digital workplace worth? Priceless.

The Big Disconnect Between Management and Employees

The most engaged employees are the most informed about their company and have the most direct communication with management, a benefit of a digital workplace. But statistics show those employees are in the minority. Almost 50% of workers say they don’t have a clear sense of their company’s direction. 84% don’t believe they get enough information from management. And 75% felt out of the loop when it came to hearing about policy changes. With such a big disconnect in corporate communications, employees are more likely to move on to another job.